Club Annabella

Club Annabella is a business consulting firm, not licensed brokers. We do not offer investment advice. Our expertise is in providing valuable guidance and support for entrepreneurs and investors



  • Bridge Loans
  • Equity investments up to ($5 Billion)
  • Fund investment opportunities
  • We invest in businesses that provide a high return
  • We facilitate personal loans up to ($500k)
  • We invest minimum $100M into PRE-IPO
  • Capital Loans for businesses up to ($500M)
  • Monetization of valuable assests
  • Company credit cards
  • working capital
  • Start-up and business funding
  • Business lines of credit up to ($100M)
  • Bitcoin buy/sell
  • Gold buy/sell
  • Diamonds buy/sell
  • Trading of large amount in bitcoin and cash 100m
  • Seed Money for Start-Up
  • We can help you rebuild your credit score
  • UHNW investments $1,000,000 min.
  • Assisting companies obtain funding even though they have been turned down by others


  • Global Brand Ambassador
  • Business Consultant for Millionaires, Billionaires, Brand Entrepreneurs, and Celebrities
  • Product Endorsement with Celebrities in Films
  • Public Person/Spokesperson
  • Public speaking and spokesperson
  • Mentor and Coach
  • Elite Brand Strategy
  • VIP Exclusive Club
  • VIP Business Consulting
  • Equipment Leasing
  • A-List Movie Product Placement
  • Worldwide Global Exposure Billboard


  • Private Jets
  • Luxury/Exotic Cars
  • The first virtual mastermind & global investment club
  • Private investor lounges/workspaces around the world
  • Polygraph testers
  • Corporate facility security
  • Background checks and due diligence
  • Industry market research reports
  • Cyber Security
  • Investor Relationships
  • Corporate cloud data integration
  • Corporate ground transportation
  • Next-level luxury NFTs
  • Private investor clubs
  • Taking cryptocurrency to mass adoption
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security Services
  • Ground Transportation


  • Distribution Relations
  • Film production for Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon, Hulu, Universal Studios, and others
  • We fund A-list movies
  • A-list Film Financing Studios
  • Celebrities Relations,  Agencies Relations
  • Movie relationships
  • Seed money for your film
  • We help package your film with A-list actors, writers & director


  • Protection for your Business
  • Private Jets
  • Celebrities Relationships
  • Celebrities Gifting Lounge for the “The Oscars, Emmys & Grammys”
  • We provide Luxury Private Jet Services
  • Security Guards
  • Luxury/Exotic Cars
  • Confidential Couriers
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Consultant for millionaires, billionaires, and entrepreneurs


  • Bridge loans
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate investing
  • Residential lending
  • Fix and flip & construction loan
  • Rental loan
  • add mtn/sblc
  • luxury real estate
  • Commercial real estate, hotel, and resort funding
  • Assist with leveraged buyouts
  • Assistance in getting deals completed
  • Invoicing financing bridge loans
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